The Sparks Flow Method

I’ve developed The Sparks Flow Method for:


Solidarity is sustainability on steroids. Instead of just focusing on keeping things the same, Solidarity aims to actively work with people. Often, people seeking organization have purchased different tools but haven’t known how to implement them. The Sparks Flow Method works by resourcefully utilizing the things you already have on-hand rather than buying new organizational products whenever possible.


When you enjoy the space you live and work in, your life flows with abundance. The Sparks Flow Method will clear the fog of disorganization, so you are able to focus on the things that inspire and engage you.


Our actions are defined by our time, money, and spaces. The Sparks Flow Method is all about taking decided action to help move you past the limits being disorganized creates.   


Sometimes it can be hard to invite someone into your space because there may be worries about being judged. I compassionately understand that sometimes things get out of focus. The Sparks Flow Method aims to help you amp up the things that are important to you. I help provide clients a healthier, happier space where you can begin to thrive and not just survive. Refocusing brings transformation.

Know how

The Sparks Flow Method works by creating systems that you identify with so that you can continue being organized and clutter-free. Once the “how” to stay organized is explained, you’ll be able to maintain being clutter-free.


The Sparks Flow Method is about moving past organizational habits that don’t serve you. We’ll create systems that synergize. We’ll hone systems that you used to do separately, will now work together and overlap to save you time, money, and energy. These new healthy organizational habits will keep you engaged - for the long term.

As you can see, my Sparks Flow Method is based on sound principles yet it’s very flexible and will be customized to meet your desired outcome.

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